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In modern times, affordable housing simply means government-subsidized housing, columnist opines

"Affordable housing" is a term that really doesn't mean what it stands for. Affordable housing has been around since the first house was sold. If you could afford to buy the house, you bought the house. In modern times, affordable housing means government-subsidized housing because without the government reaching into the taxpayers' pockets to provide funds for housing for those who cannot afford housing at market rates, there would be many who could not afford housing in a particular region of Oregon ... let's say, Newberg.

For example, I cannot afford to buy a house in Beverly Hills, California, but I can buy a house in Newberg, Oregon, and that is where I can afford to live.

House Bill 4006 is a nightmare for those who do not want to encourage and support communities of people who are segregated into the following government-defined classes (I didn't make these classes up): no income, very low income, low income and etcetera, to be housed in single family neighborhoods where they cannot afford to live for a variety of reasons where the increase in density of people is one main concern.

Currently in Newberg, the community development director and the city manager (both positions that in my opinion should be eliminated) have met the initial requirements concerning this grotesque and un-scientific housing analysis to date. (You can read it, if you want, at

House Bill 4006 is a mandatory housing analysis scheme foisted upon cities by our lovable governor and Legislature. (It became effective April 3, 2018). To read HB 4006 for yourselves, visit

But the nightmare of HB 4006 has just begun to metastasize. Check out HB 2003 and if you are a property owner, get ready to move out of state. (To read HB 2003 for yourselves, visit

HB 2003 is not law, yet.

Newberg, in my opinion, has been sold down the river with the inclusion of housing people who cannot afford to live here. And it is only going to get worse. The cruelest part of this affordable housing hoax is the false hope it gives to people without the means to survive here. Take the government subsidy away and crushing and irreversible poverty for most of these folks will become a reality.

Depending upon your own, informed opinions on the affordable housing dilemma, it is my opinion we are seeing with HB 4006 and HB 2003 the foundational aspects of a housing entitlement.

David Wall is a Newberg resident

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