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Letter writer takes State Sen. Kim Thatcher for her part in the GOP walkout at the capitol

Abandoning her constituents

To the editor:

State Sen. Kim Thatcher was one of 11 Republicans who have been no-shows in the Senate Chamber since June 20 as a protest against House Bill 2020 on the cap-and-trade program.

In other words, Ms. Thatcher would like to see longer, hotter and drier summers with less water to irrigate our crops, more intense and damaging wildfires, plus more cases of asthma and serious allergies, not to mention potential demise of razor clams, oysters and mussels, and more coastal flooding.

Or, she can do what she was elected and re-elected to do -- actually represent her constituents by her presence in the state capitol building. And how about some actual research, from polling of what her constituents really want, to the legitimate science and economics behind this forward-thinking bill.

Let's not be swayed by a few radical letters written by people with vested interests in the fossil fuel industry, determined not to lose a dime from their almighty bottom lines.

Ned J. Knight, Newberg

Local news indeed important

To the editor:

Is local news really important? I just wrapped up a family history book that could not have been written without the local news that was published bi-monthly between 1895 and 1980 and thankfully preserved in the archives of the library in another state.

Every edition, even if it didn't contain a mention of a relative, gave insight to the life and events that were important and precious to the community: Lists of school absences, farming accidents, weather reports, civic organization meetings, even what was showing at the local theater or what menu item was featured that week at the local restaurant all paint pictures of life in times gone by.

The paper featured neighborhood writers who, like modern social media lurkers, always seemed to know who was visiting whom, who threw a barbecue that drew neighbors from miles around, who helped a neighbor bring in the corn crop before the frost, and who had relatives coming from out of town.

Every week's Graphic reminds me that local news is indeed something that should not be lost or ignored.

David McNamee, Newberg

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