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VIP section at the Old Fasioned Festival fireworks show unfair to some attendees

To the editor:

I have lived in Yamhill County now for over 20 years, five of those years in Newberg. I have always bragged about the Old Fashioned Festival to anybody new to Yamhill County. However, this year for whatever reason they have set up a VIP section over by where they do fireworks.

I don't care for it. It has always been open and anybody with a blanket could reserve themselves a spot; the closer to the fireworks show it got the closer the people got. This is supposed to be a public concert open to all us "VIP's," there shouldn't be any reserved areas for those who come to Newberg to celebrate the Old Fashioned Festival.

George Larsen, Lafayette

Farmer's market could do a lot more to be effective

To the editor:

A farmer's market could be a good thing, if located and run in a good, productive way. Where the Newberg Farmer's Market is now located next to the post office, which almost always has parking problems to start with, is the wrong place.

Is it a good use of a city-owned lot? It could be, but it overworks the grass that we spend so much on for maintenance. And it creates a mess for access to the post office, especially since the through street between First and Hancock streets is blocked off, requiring you to go farther and fight more traffic since you then have no stoplight for help.

Should the market be located somewhere else? Maybe and it might be if and when the city sells the property. After all, it was a point of discussion to locate it next to the cultural center when they spent all the money to rip up the streets there and replace it with bricks.

But I have to say that one of the main problems I and others observe is with the vendors not wanting to help the buyers. They do this by parking all along as close to the market place as possible, taking up any and all parking spots for prospective drive-bys who may want to stop and shop.

Of course, no one wants to have to walk and carry all their goods to sell. But why not park, unload and move your vehicle to leave room for buyers?

There is no reason, since the street in between is blocked off this cannot be used for an unloading and loading area planned for and used correctly.

What they do now is counterproductive to sales and citizen and customer relationship and promotion.

Just seems that whomever runs this or puts it together might look at this in a different light to be more productive, which I think it could be. The vendors themselves should also be thinking about what they are doing.

Roger Currier, Newberg

Influx of people into Newberg probably disrupted those

residents already here

To the editor:

Regarding Jan Routt's letter about the influx of people to Chehalem Mountain disturbing her way of life.

Apparently she didn't consider that a factor when she moved in from Portland and disrupted neighbors on Bell Road and others who had been there decades before her.

Odd how rules change once you get what you want.

My relatives named Newberg and the hospital sits on their land grant, but every time I've had surgery there I overlook the imposition.

Donovan Wright, Newberg

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