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Former Newberg City Council member takes a moment to weigh in on issues affecting the city

To the editor:

I know that most of this letter will leave you the citizens of Newberg wondering if I am just making things up, since the public might be in the dark. But I felt that even though there are things meant to be kept quiet and hidden away, you should know a little about them. Some of it is only on the wonderful social media, where you can say a lot of things that are not always true.

First off, I want to say that I was very proud to have served this city as a city councilor for 16 years. I was never 100 percent right on anything at any time for 100 percent of the people. That is a given, but I tried to represent you as best I could, bringing out the good and bad in most things. I am proud that I helped stop a chemical-producing computer chip plant from using, and polluting, all of our water here. It was an honor to serve the city, county and country that our military has fought so hard for. I still support our country and the veterans that have protected our country and flag.

To this I am ashamed to see that we have now crossed over into the athlete's world of protesting. Yes, after watching a Newberg City Council meeting (recorded by the great KLYC Radio), we have a city councilor who will not honor the flag with a hand on her chest. At least she does stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. I would provide the link to the video, but it's much too long.

Why would you wish to live in a town and serve on a board that stands under the United States flag and not honor it? I thought that this was only left to the overpaid athletes trying to make a name for themselves in the press. I believe the flag stands for everyone in the U.S.

We pledge to the flag to align ourselves with those who have fought for the right to fly it proudly.

Next is something that I thought we put behind us as a city. But, of course, we seem to thrive now on scandals of late. This one came out of the city's wrongful hiring court case that has yet to be drug through the courts and could cost us more with appeals.

It seems that someone, as yet unnamed on public records, has made accusations about our police department again. They named or drug into the case the police chief (yet again), a lieutenant and the city's IT department. This is all spelled out on many social media pages, with claims and ideas about who has done it.

Yes, they claim Mr. Casey and associates had more to do with this human resource case than what was reported. But as of the last writing the district attorney seems to have dropped the whole issue based on the ability of city staff to use the wording of city privileges instead of cause. This is written on DA-produced documents.

It seems to cast a shadow or accusation on someone else to take the heat off of who really did it. Any public employee knows the rules of saving documents and going through the correct process of hiring if they are in any advanced position. There would be a hard copy and a computer version in most case to back up a story.

I have to agree with a recent guest opinion written by Mr. Mike Gunn. Look into all the documents and files, as the courts did. Settle into the facts presented, not found or contrived after the case is settled. Face the facts of what is found. Now clean house on who is really guilty. And that may come down to more than one person. Check and see if the staff has provided all the best advice and followed all the rules.

The City Council needs to know they are the ones in charge and are responsible to us for city operations and actions.

But quit throwing stones at a department that has been honored for their work in so many ways. I was and still am very proud of having the police department we have and have had for many years. Most would not recall the problems of around 20 years ago in that department. It was cleaned out and reorganized and run now as a wonderful asset of a great group of employees serving Newberg.

Roger Currier, Newberg

Let the voters decide president's fate

To the editor:

I read Russ Dondero's guest opinion in the Oct. 16 edition of the Newberg Graphic and felt a response was warranted.

While respecting Professor Dondero's opinion, I strongly disagree. The support that he used for his allegations are conjecture and opinion, not hard facts.

He uses the Nixon history from 45 years ago in a naked attempt to discredit President Trump.

He expresses a view that to follow the precedent set by the two latest impeachment inquiries (Presidents Nixon and Clinton) would lead to a "three-ring circus" and that the House has all the evidence that it needs.

The professor goes on, but his closing paragraph puts his bias front and center with his statement: "Once a bully, always a bully, and sadly, this one has the bully pulpit of the presidency – which is why he must be impeached."

If we are now at the point that a duly elected president must be impeached because some view him as a bully, this republic is at a crossroads.

A presidential election is 12 months away. Why shouldn't the public determine this president's fate?

Audrey Johnson, Newberg

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