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Readers take to task letter writer who questions whether older property owners should have to pay for schools through taxes

Paying taxes for schools and other services makes for a better country

To the editor:

A cordial response to letter writer Roger Currier: It would be nice if the world worked in the way you desired. Not paying for what we don't use. I'll jump on that train. 

Medicare is bankrupt. I'll have to work well into my 70s before I'll even qualify. All seniors just keep on living, keep on costing the system billions more than were ever deposited into the fund. Same with Social Security.

In the good old days, out of courtesy, our elders wandered off into the cool night and were never seen again.

Look, I am not advocating for an untimely death or diminished social services. However, I don't use the parks or visits museums. I have never used an ambulance or called the fire department, never swung a golf club or did a 720-degree flip at the skate park. I pay taxes for the library via my support of the community and its businesses, but I can't use it because I am out of the city limits.

Sure it sucks to pay for what you don't use. 

Politicians and the laws they write have cashed billions in checks yet to be written. I will never get to use whatever, if anything, the money bought. But despite it all I live in the greatest country in the world. For that I pay and everything that falls under it. The good, the bad and ugly.

John Read, Newberg

Letter writer's performance worthy of Ebenezer Scrooge

To the editor:

Regarding Mr. Currier's letter to the editor in the Dec 18 edition: Complaining about the portion of one's property taxes that pays for educating other people's children? At Christmas of all times of the year? How quaintly Dickensian.

I guess we now know whom to cast as Ebenezer Scrooge in the next production of "A Christmas Carol." For the record, I too am childless. I have paid property taxes continuously for more than 30 years.

Of all the myriad things my tax dollars pay for, education has to be among the most personally gratifying.

Ignorance is a scourge; an educated citizenry benefits us all. It's called "the common good," sir. It's a thing. It really is.

Mike Tatro, Newberg

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