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The Newberg Graphic's readers weigh in on the issues of the day and other matters

Vote Bledsoe for county treasurer

To the editor:

Kris Bledsoe is the most qualified candidate for Yamhill County treasurer. Bledsoe's academic expertise in economics and wealth of experience in lending and investment, combined with her long-time commitment and devotion to the betterment of Yamhill County, make her a superior candidate. Her time on the Yamhill County Investment Advisory Committee gives her the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a smooth transition when Mike Green — who has explicitly endorsed Bledsoe for the position — retires. The world has become an uncertain place and we need representatives who can see the larger picture and act accordingly in the best interests of the people. Experience in the 'business world' is no longer enough. When deciding how to delegate our county's monetary resources we must take into account all economic aspects, on both the micro and macro scale. Anyone without an extensive education in economics cannot reasonably be relied upon to carry out this task. I think the excellence of her past performance, an endorsement from Yamhill County Treasurer Mike Green and her embodiment of the values of this county are all the campaigning we need to see.

Sarah Steinback, Newberg

Diversity matters in cancer research

To the editor:

Reducing health disparities in the United States requires a broad approach, from access to primary care to participation in clinical trials. As a cancer survivor, I'm keenly aware of the need for diversity and addressing disparities when it comes to tackling this disease. About one in five cancer clinical trials fail because of a lack of participation. Racial and ethnic groups, older, rural and poorer Americans are all under-represented in trials that do move ahead. And there is a four-fold disparity in the number of Blacks who are diagnosed with cancer compared to those who participate in clinical trials. This gap is something I recently asked Congresswoman Bonamici to help address when I met with her as part of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's virtual lobby day. The Henrietta Lacks Enhancing Cancer Research Act would help pinpoint and begin to address the barriers that keep people with diverse backgrounds from participating in trials. The bill is named in honor of Henrietta Lacks, a Black woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951 and whose cells have played a role in some of modern medicine's most important breakthroughs, including treatments for cancer.

With COVID-19 upending clinical trials across the country, new policies to ensure clinical trials include patients from diverse backgrounds is even more crucial. This bill is an important first step to increase diversity in cancer clinical trials. Missie Kallunki, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteer

Council candidates with connections to CPRD?

To the editor:

Reading about the Newberg City Council candidates brought to mind some old thoughts and ideas experienced through the years. Granted, they were from my perspective and may have been shared by others.

That is what a great thing it is to have all of the taxing entities working together to have a better end result whenever possible, with the least cost to us the taxpayer. And also happening with the best outcome, as well, without a bias as much as possible.

That being said, after reading about the four candidates for Newberg council begs a question: Two of the candidates are associated with the taxing entity Chehalem Park and Recreation District. One is on their elected board and the other is employed by them. The first question is why would two from the same group run for office? And the second is this good to have influence on both as an elected person?

Of course one would say that it of course everyone's right to run for office wherever they wish. And that they can be elected or employed by whomever as well.

My comment would be that one would rather have more of a mix of minds. That way it tends not to be so affected by their employer or direct links to other groups that deal with our tax money.

Roger Currier, Newberg

Vote for Kris Bledsoe

To the editor: As I waited for a red light to change, I noticed a very large sign supporting Paulette Alexandria for county treasurer. It is very large – four by eight feet, 32 square feet and illegal. The state stature for temporary signs (734-060-0175) allows a maximum size of 12 square feet. So either Paulette simply ignores state statutes or she doesn't understand simple basic arithmetic -- like 32 is not the same as 12. I certainly don't want the treasurer to be unable, or just incompetent, to understand basic arithmetic, let alone the more complicated arithmetic of finance. And if she is just unwilling to follow state rules, then I don't want a law-breaker as the treasurer. Vote for Kris Bledsoe as Yamhill County treasurer -- she has worked and/or volunteered for many organizations in various financial positions for the past 14 years. Prior to that she worked for banking and investment companies. Barbara Doyle, Newberg

We need the 'A' team on board in 2021

To the editor

As we prepare for the upcoming election we need to carefully re-evaluate our elected politicians' character and effectiveness. COVID-19 and the wildfires have raised the standard that our elected representatives have to perform to. Oregon has not faced disasters like this before. The economic and social impacts awaiting us are massive. Addressing them will be painful. If we are to successfully overcome these problems we need to have the best and most effective people who can work together. That means we have to critically examine our elected officials to determine if they are up to the tasks. Being a member of one party or another cannot be a criteria. Party line votes drag in the worst with the best. We only need the best. Here are a few basic criteria you might use: 1. Does the individual have a track record of bringing positive solutions to the table? 2. Have they demonstrated an ability to work in a team and between teams to address problems positively? 3. What does their voting record demonstrate about gaining consensus and solving problems? 4. How much of their time is spent getting re-elected versus getting things done? 5. Have they actually accomplished anything beyond saying they represent your views? 6. Do they ever accept responsibility for their actions? Look at tangible efforts the candidate or incumbent has done to address these disasters to date. We need to have an "A" team on board in 2021. Even if we have to look elsewhere to find it.

Hunter Wylie, St. Paul

Bledsoe has the experience to be a great treasurer

To the editor:

Kris Bledsoe would be a great Yamhill County treasurer! She is a person who truly wants to be of service to our community and volunteers her time and energy to such diverse organizations as Protect Grand Island Farms, Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, CASA and Yamhill County Water Task Force, to name a few. Now there is an opportunity to serve Yamhill County using the skills and insights she gained through her many years of experience in the public financial sector: a bachelor's degree in economics, followed by the  U.S. Bank Management program and subsequently working with consumer loans, commercial loans and mortgage loans. Kris then became a registered stock and bond representative specializing in bonds, and taught multiple economics courses at the American Banking Association.    Kris Bledsoe's knowledge of the investment industry and vast experience with portfolio management give her the discernment necessary to continue Yamhill County's financial health and enable her to knowledgeably evaluate quality, fiscally conservative, investments and strategize for our future. Join me in voting for Kris Bledsoe to be Yamhill County treasurer.

Susan Karp, Amity

Re-elect Bill Post to the Legislature

To the editor:

The 2020 election is more important than ever; with the issues Oregon is facing we need elected officials like Bill Post to protect our interests. COVID-19 has demonstrated how our state government can make decisions that have real consequences – closure of businesses, children denied educational and social options, tourist attractions bankrupted and a state system that is broken. Oregon is currently known across the country for the violence and destruction that continues in Portland. The recent horrific wildfires showed much of what is good about Oregon – volunteers saving animals, fighting fires, operating evacuation centers and generally helping each other. Many of the evacuation centers were at county fairgrounds and other event venues that have been pushed to the brink of financial ruin with the current COVID-19 restrictions. Bill Post supports our farmers, ranchers, firefighters and law enforcement. He is responsive and concerned about what is happening in his district. In St. Paul we have seen him take action on water and traffic issues and show support for agriculture and the St. Paul Rodeo. Oregon needs Bill Post! Cindy Schonholtz, Woodburn

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