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The Newberg Graphic's readers weigh in on controversy on local school board and more

We need only one flag to show our pride

To the editor:

OK, people of Newberg. Oh, heck, all you people. Now is the time to come forward and get your flag displayed. All you Latinos out there let's get the Caesar Chavez flag out. Native Americans let your voices be heard. Asian Americans, Hawaiian Islanders, European descendants -- let's go. We need to get these flags out there because we also matter. Don't we?

Oh, wait. We already have a flag that honors all of us. It's the red, white and blue flag of the United States of America. It's the flag that has endured and has served us well.

Some of you probably remember starting your school day off with the Pledge of Alligance: "One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

Let's get it together and realize all lives matter, period. If you have the chance to go to YouTube and watch Mr. Red Skeleton tell you about the American flag and explain the Pledge of Alligance, you'll be pleased.

Don Meyers, Newberg

Teachers should teach, not indoctrinate

To the editor:

As a person who has lived in the Newberg/Dundee area for the majority of my life and who attended Newberg schools through grade 12, I never thought that we would be having this discussion about critical race theory being taught in schools and black lives matter and gay pride flags, banners, etc. being displayed in schools. I was always taught that schools were supposed to be apolitical and were created to teach students, not attempt to indoctrinate them with teachers, administrators and other staffs' political views.

The Newberg school board is doing the right thing by refusing to allow teachers and other staff to display these political flags, banners, etc., on school property. However, the left-wing liberals, while entitled to their own opinions, cannot accept the fact that there are four conservative board members who are in the majority on the Newberg school board and that "elections have consequences."

Now, rather than attempting to perform the job they were elected to do, they seem to be all consumed and fixated with trying to "gin up" support for a recall attempt of the four conservative members, just because they don't agree with their views. Is that what we have come to – talking about recalling everyone just because their views don't coincide with your views? I certainly hope not.

These liberals are attempting to hide behind First Amendment rights. I was an attorney for 25 years and while they have First Amendment rights, in my opinion, they are not allowed to exercise those rights while they are on the employer's time teaching students.They are more than welcome to display those flags and banners on their own time on property other than school grounds.

I would suggest that all the liberals devote their time to helping the school's mission to teach students rather than attempting to indoctrinate them with left-wing liberal agenda, particularly when our inept governor has just lowered the academic requirements for seniors to graduate from high school.

Michael Gunn, Dundee

What's the message we're sending our kids?

To the editor:

I think one important faction in the school fight that has not been talked about: kids learn from their elders and others peoples' thoughts and actions and speech concerning all things.

Possibly, have these people, thoughtlessly, handed thoughts to these kids that would add to irrevocable thoughts that some kids now are acting on in word and deed?

Now, people feel that it is the teachers' duty to control things in these kids. It is not. Empathy for people and animals should come from parents, grandparents and other people. Teachers should only have to reinforce these thoughts and actions.

Good manners also play a good part of total life. The old Golden Rule that you don't seem to hear about any more kind of sums it up: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Think it over people and pass it on.

In our family we have Blacks, Mexicans and, maybe, some overseas people. We have welcomed them all.

What is going to happen if we get children and parents and grandparents from Afghanistan settling in Newberg? A repeat of things.

Virginia Jungwirth, Newberg

Friendliness, compassion and joy

To the editor:

This is how we should meet others. For thousands of years, the time-tested philosophy of yoga has counseled people to practice this simple kindness, not only to benefit the world, but to uplift the practitioner.

The recent decision of the Newberg school board to ban signs of support for vulnerable students violates this ancient advice. Why? Support for one group does not detract from others. Love and support is in endless supply should we decide to offer it freely.

Of course, not everyone can practice friendliness. Some people are angry. They may be in pain. But they should not ban others from freely expressing friendliness, compassion and joy. If heterosexual white students are feeling pain, we hope they will talk about their troubles. We would like to understand and to help them in any way we can. But banning compassion and support for others is an act against wisdom. It is an act against love.

Let's work together to bring our community back to a healthy path: simply friendliness, compassion and joy.

Newberg Community Yoga

School board on right track

To the editor:

We support the school board. We oppose the recall.

John and Bonnie Newman, Newberg

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