Leave it to parents to oversee their children's political and moral education

I voted for the conservative members of the school board and I commend them for standing up under the attacks they and their families have endured.

I am grateful for their work and implore them to continue to stand strong. Please continue to fight for our children and parents. Keep politics and the liberal agenda out of the schools' domain.

Leave it to parents to oversee their children's political and moral education. Politics should never have been in K-12. Shame on us for allowing it to go this far.

These are our elected officials and these multiple recalls on the basis of not liking their conservative policies is a personal affront to me and all the others who voted for them. This is what they campaigned on and were elected to do -- fight for us against the progressive left agenda.

The constitution says government "By the People" and we the people have spoken through the normal election process. Now the progressive left is trying to nullify the voting process simply because they do not like the conservative policies? This should not be allowed, nor should taxpayers foot the bill for these unfounded recalls.

They lost the election. Run for school board during the next regular election and let the voters decide who should make public policy.

I can't wait until the next election and say through my vote that enough is enough. I will vote for school choice with tax dollars following the students. Power belongs to the parents.

Educators who have been ignoring the directives of the school board, stop indoctrinating our children with your personal politics and beliefs. Check them at the door and educate our children and grandchildren so they will be prepared to compete in the world.

Kenn Bunn is a Newberg resident

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