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City's Elliott Road project poorly conceived

To the editor:

Having started my civil engineering and surveying career in 1968, I have seen a lot of changes. Surveying went from transit, chain and logarithms to GPS, scanning and 3-D modeling based on millions of data points.

Land use regulations were adopted and as I drive around, I see that the regulations have resulted in the very thing that they were designed to prevent. Development is encroaching onto farm and forest lands and our freeways are clogged. Wilsonville, once a city hall in a trailer with a secretary and plumbing inspector, is now merging with Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Sherwood and Tigard.

When I recently drove from San Francisco to Angels Camp in California on a clogged five-lane freeway in each direction, I realized that there is no way that we locally and as a society can build ourselves out of this, much less tackle the real crisis -- global warming.

The city of Newberg, with its planned improvement to Elliott Road, has also put standards above need, cost, livability and the neighborhood.

I describe engineering as the mathematical application of common sense, but now it seems to be a lost art.

Leonard Rydell, Newberg

Recalls a waste of time and money

To the editor:

I haven't written a letter to the editor since the year of the senior prank my son was involved in 1993.

People were up in arms and ready to hang those seniors and saying red flags were going off about their character and misdeeds. I assured the Graphic and whoever read it that there were no red flags and that my son was a fine individual and people should stop weighing in on his character without putting their fingers on the scale.

Now I find myself listening again to all those righteous "do-gooders" who think they know what's best for our kids better than we do, and judging people who don' t agree with them.

The vote was cast for our school board and it was final. Big reason they were chosen was because of their stand on this very issue. Thank goodness they're keeping politics out of our schools. There's enough politics, division and hate in America– keep it out of our schools. We cast our votes. You need to accept it and quit wasting our time and money because you didn't get your way.

Sylvia Vaughn, Newberg

Retired teacher urges no vote on recalls

To the editor:

I was a special education teacher in Montana, Minnesota and Oregon, teaching all grades preschool through high school, and almost every category of disability before I retired. I have been following the attempted recalls of Brian Shannon and Dave Brown from the Newberg school board. I want to go on record stating that I am against both recalls for the following reasons:

- I want the school board to focus on students getting back to the basics of education instead of all these political issues that most teachers and administrators are attempting to indoctrinate them with. I believe students should be taught math, science, civics, English and all other core subjects which will prepare them for the real world.

- I am very much against teaching them about Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, gender politics and allowing one gender using another gender's bathroom depending on how they feel that day of the week, etc. I am appalled that the liberals and radicals are attempting to indoctrinate our students with these radical beliefs.

- Students need to be able to express their own opinions, not just regurgitate the opinions and beliefs (radical) of their teachers and administrators. How can they feel safe to express their own beliefs and opinions when the teachers' radical opinions and beliefs are posted everywhere?

- Brian Shannon and Dave Brown are conservatives who were elected by a vote of the people and who want to restore sanity to this school district. They should not be recalled simply because the "other side" doesn't agree with the philosophy of a majority of the school board.

Please vote no on both recalls.

Joan Shew, Newberg

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