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Getting his start at Renne Middle School, actor continues on in prime time

By Heather DeRosa, Graphic news intern

Todd Giebenhain, a Newberg native who began his acting career before the spotlight of the former Renne Middle School, now stands in the bright lights of Hollywood, his acting skills on display every Friday night as he portrays Frank on Fox’s “Raising Hope.”

Giebenhain originally guest starred on “My Name Is Earl,” created by “Raising Hope’s” creator, Greg Garcia.

“(He) kept me in his mind when writing ‘Hope,’” Giebenhain said in an email. “I auditioned a bunch for a series regular role that eventually got written out, but Greg kept bringing (me) back in for different parts, even after the show had started.”

Finally, his hard work paid off. by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Talented company -  Newberg's own Todd Giebenhain rubs elbows with renowned actress Chloris Leachman on an upcoming episode of ‘Raising Hope'.

“They called and offered me one line for yet another different role, with the idea being they were just establishing characters and wanted to get me in there,” he said. “I asked what the line would be, they replied, ‘Hello, I’m calling about a used cheerleading uniform you have for sale?’ I said that’s funny, I’m in.”

When he arrived, producers slapped a name tag on him that said “Frank.”

“They brought me back soon after to swing sausage links around like nunchucks,” he said. “I’ve hung around generally being a weirdo ever since.”

Giebenhain’s character is best friends with main character Jimmy, played by Lucas Neff.

“The story is a comedy about a young man and his very dysfunctional family, suddenly raising a baby girl,” Candy Giebenhain said in an email. “Of course, Hope is no longer a baby and relationships have developed.”

“Raising Hope” originally aired on Tuesday nights, but now has been rescheduled for Fridays at 9 p.m.

Todd Giebenhain lived in Newberg from the age of 2 to 22 and still makes frequent visits when he can, his mother said. He attended Ewing Young Elementary, Renne Middle School and Newberg High.

“I did every play available from sixth grade on,” he said. “But back then the big auditorium in town was at Renne and I would see my older sister Katy, who is four years ahead of me, in NHS musicals on that big old stage with student-painted murals around the orchestra pit and actor signatures tattooed on the walls backstage.”

Before landing the role on Raising Hope, Todd Giebenhain’s more notable appearances during his career have been on the TV shows “Dexter,” “CSI,” “Criminal Minds,” “True Blood,” as well as several others.

“What I hope never gets weird to me is strangers stopping sometimes to say nice things because of the work I get to do,” he said. “It’s incredibly comforting and way better than a kick in the shins.”

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