Shape + Form at Art Elements features different mediums, similar feel

Although they specialize in different mediums, Lauren Wylie said the upcoming featured artists at Art Elements Gallery complement each other.

“Sometimes we feature two different artists together, especially these two, they’re so complementary,” said Wylie, the First Street gallery’s manager.

The show, “Shape + Form,” opening Feb. 21, will feature Mike Baggetta, from West Linn, and Cynthia Spencer, from Corvallis.

“Mike is a very abstract painter who uses mixed media to produce his work,” Wylie said. “It’s very textural, but a lot of shapes are incorporated into his work. Most of it is circles and then he builds them on these beautiful handmade structures.”

The structures, she said, allow Baggetta more freedom creatively than artists who use pre-built SUBMITTED - Textural paintings - Mike Baggetta is one of two artists featured at Art Elements. Baggetta's pieces are often abstract and utilize mixed media.

The second artist, Spencer, works in ceramics.

“She produces these beautiful shapes and forms that are done in ceramic, so they are hand built,” Wylie said. “Some of the glazes she adds onto pieces is very unique and plays really well with what Mike Baggetta has on his canvases too.”

Both artists are fairly new to the gallery, with their work carried there for the past six months.

“We feature 60 artists and try to rotate based on how they sell,” she said. “We brought (Spencer in) because she was a part of our sculpture show at the Allison and (Baggetta) submitted his portfolio on our website and we just loved his work.”

She said the artist reception, slated to begin at 5 p.m. Friday is a great opportunity for artists and visitors alike.

“It’s really fun and engaging. It depends on the artists and how comfortable they are speaking, but they usually go into pieces and it’s an open forum Q&A,” Wylie said. “Usually a lot of artists come to these receptions because they’re interested in learning their process. It’s a fun environment for meeting creative people.”

For more information, visit www.artelements