Spread across Allison Inn grounds, installation looks to be more accessible

The sculptures at The Allison Inn and Spa have been switched out for a whole new body of work, but Art Elements Gallery manager Lauren Wylie said they are hoping to make the outdoor space more of a gallery and less of a once-a-year event.

“We think we’ll always have sculptures, but (we’re) kind of exploring how the exhibit’s going to go based on how it goes this year and how it went last year,” Wylie said. “It’s something the Allison enjoys and definitely something guests enjoy.”by: SUBMITTED - Outdoor art - ‘Essence of Grace,' by Rip Caswell is now  part of the permanent collection at             The Allison. The  bronze sculpture joins numerous other works on display on the grounds of the inn and spa.

Twenty-two sculptures have been placed around the grounds, with a few more to be installed later in the summer.

“A couple of them are being created especially for (the Allison) by some of our own artists at the gallery, and a couple other from Portland,” she said.

The pieces are all available for sale — except one which will be purchased by the inn every year for the permanent collection — and Wylie said this year they are trying to include some in different price ranges.

“We’ve got artists from all over Oregon and a couple from Washington as well,” she said. “A lot of them deal with steel and bronze. There’s some adorable little beavers (by artist Shelley Curtiss) brought in, and a fox and a cougar. We’re really excited to start carrying her work. These beavers are straight out of Narnia, they’re so stinkin’ cute.”

A little more abstract is the “Walking Qbist Woman” by Julian Voss-Andreae.

“It looks almost like those early computer animated people — a lot of points and vectors,” Wylie said. “So a walking woman, but in cubism form. It’s absolutely stunning.”

But perhaps her favorite is “Square Peg,” by Ryan Beard.

“He’s a schoolteacher but on the side he has a wind-powered and solar-powered studio. He generates these pieces about of recycled pieces and steel,” she said. “It’s almost like a square peg in a round hole kind of thing.”

In addition to the recent installations, she said she’s been working with Austin Industries, the city of Newberg and the Allison on a public art installation at the roundabout on North Springbrook Road.

“It’s a kinetic piece, 25 feet tall and it moves,” Wylie said. “They’re pouring in the next couple of weeks and it should be installed the first couple weeks of July.”

As for the art already installed, Wylie said visitors are welcome to walk the grounds anytime.

“I’m also working on developing an audio tour for it,” she said. The audio will be on the Allison website for people to download and listen to as they view the pieces. She’s hoping to have it completed in the next couple of weeks.

For more information about the exhibit, visit www.

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