New installment in Raven series deals with Iranian nuclear weapons

World events caused John Trudel’s new novel to take longer than expected, but while the political stage shows no sign of simmering, his book is finally finished.

Now, “Raven’s Redemption” is out, with a fresh storyline that continues the thriller aspect of his previous works. Inside, readers will find terrorists — well-funded and with nuclear weapons from Iran —with connections inside the United States government, who together are “working to topple America,” Trudel said.

Amidst the political intrigue a president is aggressively trying to tamp down on the terrorist attacks and becomes the subject of an assassination attempt. GARY ALLEN - Local author John Trudel has released his latest thriller novel, which tells a story filled with political intrigue,    terrorists, nuclear weapons and a      rag-tag group that's trying to stop the evildoers.

Not everything takes place on the national stage, though, and there are scenes set in Portland, particularly at the Oregon Health and Sciences University.

Many of the themes are returning again from his previous works, but the difference in Trudel’s latest novel is the terrorists’ tactics: now the differing factions have learned to work together.

“The jihadists have some friends from other organizations that are there doing their own brand of evil,” Trudel explained. “My ragtag group is trying to stop them.”

Before he started working on his Raven series, Trudel authored a novel called “Privacy Wars,” which told the story of a scientist and teacher, who finds himself falsely accused of serious crimes and beset upon by a number of powerful and sinister forces. The book drew on Trudel’s background as an electrical engineer and developing technology consultant.

Although that was published four years ago, Trudel is now in the initial process of turning it into an audiobook, particularly as the issues it dealt with are as controversial as ever.

“There is little that both the left and the right agree on, but both are very concerned about Big Brother,” Trudel said.

Writing-wise, Trudel is already looking forward: the next book will be a sequel to Raven’s Redemption. After all, modern world affairs provide plenty of drama for plot inspiration.

“Lord knows there’s enough material to justify doing that,” Trudel said.

But for the time being, one aspect of the new book remains the same from his past installments: it mirrors — or, so it seems, predicates — reality.

That’s a phenomenon he anticipates will only become more apparent.

“So few trust Congress or the media that the ‘truth gap’ between novels and the news continues to grow,” Trudel said.

To read the first chapter of Trudel’s new book, visit and visit the page for Raven’s Redemption.

It is available for purchase from his website, from Amazon as well as locally from Chapters Books and Coffee.

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