NHS alums and others preparing to record first album at Dundee recording studio

Less than a year after graduating from Newberg High School, alumnus Tyler Bostock and his friends will release their first single, "All I Know," on Dec. 29, with an album set to come out in 2018.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Bastion is preparing to release its first single after recording recently at a studio in Dundee and is expecting to release an album in 2018.

Bastion is a four-piece band that includes Bostock and fellow NHS alum Matt Lochridge, homeschool student Kyle Dorshimer and a new member, Nick Phillips, who is the elder of the group at age 24.

Dorshimer wrote the song "All I Know" and the band decided to make it into their first publicly released single.

" 'All I Know' is one of those songs that came out of nowhere. I sat down in my room, having no intention to write the song, and then I played the riff and the lyrics came together and now it's our first single!" Dorshimer said in an email.

Bastion plays a blend of music styles.

"Typically it will end up sounding like rock or metal, but sometimes we put jazz in there too," Bostock said, "because we like jazz or some funk or some folk. We just do everything, but mostly we are a rock band."

Bostock plays guitar and sings and is preparing to attend Portland Community College to study exercise science.

"I'm going to stick around," he said. "Over the summer we were playing a couple of gigs here and there. And we got into the house party scene, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

"Recently it has been hard to juggle school and we practiced at a house during high school and when I started college we stalled out. We would do rifts and write songs over Facebook messenger — that started about a month ago. It is what sparked us into motion."

Originally the band had five members and was called Lazarus (not the popular rock band from the 1970s), but lost its fifth member and decided to make some changes to reinvent itself as Bastion. Phillips, the new drummer, replaced the first drummer after he joined the military.

"Our first drummer and I started playing together in the summer before high school … he left and went to the Marines and I went off to college," Bostock said. "Previously, Phillips was in another really heavy metal band."

The group's parents provided a great influence for the band and played a big part in their passion to create music. Dorshimer's father has always been into music.

"I grew up around a lot of music and eventually ran into bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin," he said. "They inspired me to pick up the guitar because the music was a great art to me."

Bassist Lochridge was inspired as well by his parents, who are '80s rock and rollers, and were supportive of his interest in jazz, which included a stint on the NHS jazz band.

"I got into music because I saw it as a means of expressing emotion and creativity," he said in an email. "To me, music is the most authentic way we present ourselves to others."

Bostock said his interest in music came at 4 years old when he saw his cousin and friends "jamming music louder than heck. I knew right then that someday I wanted to play the guitar. I was not the kid that fit in, so I could play heavy metal and it was okay."

Bastion will release "All I Know" on Spotify and iTunes and then release another song in a month or so.

"I'm pumped about the single because it's a huge milestone," Lochridge said. "We've known each other for years and we've written and practiced and recorded off and on in that time, and now finally we're ready to publicly share that part of ourselves."

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