Gallery features works from ceramics artist Mark Terry, painter Kathleen Jones and jewelry artist Linda Hayes

Art Elements Gallery is presenting a show with multiple artists with the idea to display complementary styles of artwork. This is true in its next exhibit, "Of Sticks and Stones," which features the work of ceramics artist Mark Terry, painter Kathleen Jones and jewelry artist Linda Hayes. GARY ALLEN - Multiple artists' work will be on display at Art Elements during the gallery's 'Of Sticks and Stones' exhibit, including painter Kathleen Jones.

Gallery curators explained that "Of Sticks and Stones" was chosen to reflect the medium and subjects that the featured artists have used to create their pieces. Jones almost exclusively paints compositions of birch trees — expressed as "Sticks" in the title. Terry creates ceramic stoneware sculpture pieces and Linda Hayes uses an array of gems and stones to create her jewelry — expressed as "Stones" in the title."

Terry, a ceramicist and professor of art at George Fox University, is displaying ceramic figural forms that were created using organic firing methods.

"My current work is about the quest for a more intimate and immediate relationship between vessels I shape and the phenomenon of fire," he said in an artist statement. "I am captivated by what I call alchemy — the inextricably symbiotic relationship between artisan and fire, and the uncontrolled and organic beauty of forms glazed by wood ash and fire."

Jones has lived in Newberg for 43 years and draws her inspiration from nature and hiking throughout the Northwest.

"I've always drawn peace from nature. Hiking at Glacier National park really was the inspiration for the trees," she said. "I feel that it is so peaceful and it is really what draws me to them. I used to do prints, because my work is so textured; people want the real thing."

Jones is displaying about 20 large oil paintings at the gallery. They are created to draw the viewer into the depths of a forest with detail of the bark of the trees that contrast with the background.

Commissioned requests represent the bulk of her sales.

"Oils take an incredibly long time to dry (as) each layer takes a month to dry …," she said. "If someone wants a specific painting, well, they have to be a bit patient!"

"I've been an artist all my life, and as far as painting on canvas I've done that for about 25 years …," she said. "I was always looking for that special medium; I liked all the different forms of art. But, literally at the first brush stroke of oil on canvas, I knew that this is it. It was such an 'ah ha' moment."

Gemstones and gold contrasted with the brightness of color and shape in symbols and talismans describe Hayes's jewelry. She likes to combine antique treasures in a contemporary piece to complement the buyer's neck, face and attire.

Hayes' inspiration comes from the tall oak trees that surround her home. "When I am working at night I can step outside and see the winter moon through the silhouettes of gloriously twisted oak branches; or take a break to rest my eyes and smell the fragrant honeysuckle on a summer evening," she explained on her website. "Often this is just the pause I needed to see a gemstone layout with fresh eyes and make an adjustment that satisfies my design intent."

The Art Elements show continues through March 3.

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