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February 5, 1982 to April 27, 2020 - Zed Anja Sonder, born as Cory Matthew Bailey, took his own life in Hilo, Hawaii.

USER SUBMITTED - Zed SonderZed Anja Sonder, born as Cory Matthew Bailey, took his own life in Hilo, Hawaii. He was born February 05, 1982, and died April 27th, 2020.

Zed lived his life without apology or permission and was fearless in how he acted. Zed was truly unique and was a fervent pacifist who would never hurt another living creature and had profound revolutionary ideas about meditation and Eastern philosophy which are forever lost with his suicide.

Zed served a partial mission in Albuquerque, N.M., and was briefly married in his 20's. Zed lived in many places, Salt Lake City, Utah; Portland, Ore. and finally Hilo, Hawaii. He loved nature and found beauty in everything. He was an accomplished photographer and artist and used his voice to speak for homelessness and other causes. He was an avid cyclist and never owned a vehicle or driver's license. He lived how he wanted, be it in communes or camping in a forest or jungle, worked when he had to and loved all the time. He died when and how he wanted to as well, allowing sorrow and illness to blind him to a better tomorrow.

Zed was a good man with a big heart and wanted more than anything to be understood, loved, and respected. He was a proponent in the LGBTQ community where he found unity.

Zeds mother, Margaret Bailey, and father, Lee Bailey, died close to one another in 2018/2019, and Zed took it especially hard, never really recovering from the loss.

Zed was the youngest of 5 brothers, leaving behind Travis Lee Bailey; Aaron S. Bailey (Cathy); Burke Ryan Bailey, and Drew Barton Bailey. Many loving Aunts and Uncles and nieces and nephews will miss him greatly.

A private family memorial will be held at a later date.

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