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Twins are such an amazing gift and our family was blessed with Rosemary Lawrence and Carolyn Jean White.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Rosemary Lawrence and Carolyn Jean WhiteTwins are such an amazing gift and the connection that they have with each other is unwavering. Our family was blessed to have such a gift with Rosemary Lawrence and Carolyn Jean White.

On the morning of December 6, 2018, we lost one of the sweetest souls, Rosemary Lawrence. She was born in Los Angeles, California, the oldest of five children. Rosemary was survived by her twin sister, Carolyn; and her three children, Robert Lawrence, Rebecca Gillis and Rosanna Rosales; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Everyone who knew her called her Rosie.

This was very difficult for Carolyn, but she also felt that she needed to stay strong for Rosemary's children, as the loss of her came so unexpected. Although she missed her sister (her twin) daily, she would move forward. Each day she would go feed the birds at her sister's home, because she needed to continue what Rosemary always did each day. Carolyn would make their usual trips to town, share stories about her sister and visit with all her friends at Erickson's, Bi Mart, or the Culver post office. If she needed anything at all, it meant a trip to town that couldn't wait because it meant she would get to go see everyone and feel all the love so many had for her and Rosie.

Just when we were all settling into our new lives without Rosemary, learning what that void feels like and how to move forward, our world has yet again come crashing down. On March 17, 2020, we lost Carolyn White. Devastated with yet another loss of a soul no one was ready to say goodbye to. Carolyn is survived by her children, Joe Hermanson, Gordon Hermanson and Carol Hogan; five grandchildren; and two greatgrandchildren. 15 months after having to say goodbye to her sister, Carolyn can now rest easy and be at peace by her sister's side.

Carolyn use to always say that Rosemary was the sweet one and she was the mean one, but it was all talk because everyone who knew Carolyn knew how big of a heart she had. She could be strong and would go to battle for any of her family, and lay down the law with a look that could always send her grandchildren, nieces and nephews off to do exactly what they were told. But she was just a big softy.

Rosemary and Carolyn had such wonderful lives full of experiences, connections and love. As children they were given responsibility early in life as they cared for their twin brothers while their mother was working. Carolyn, the extrovert of the two, would speak her mind and wouldn't take crap from anyone. She always stood up for her sister and was her protector. Yet Rosemary was Carolyn's rock. Rosemary was the quiet one, almost shy, but it was just her nature. She was the strong quiet type. She always let Carolyn do most of the talking when they were together, but could hold her own when she wanted. They both married their husbands on the 14th of December, (diff erent years) just out of coincidence. And both spent their lives working to help support their family through the years.

Back in the late 60s, they started traveling with their husbands, from Portland to Culver, on weekends and holidays, and then return to Portland for their day jobs. They both spent their retirement life here in Culver full-time. 'God's Country' as they would so often call it. The community and longtime friends here meant everything to them.

They spent hours reading with the kids in the grade school through the SMART reading program and were part of the local Lion's Club. They went almost everywhere together. Sometimes they would follow each other talking, but many times, they would hit the door of a store and go their separate ways. On their own they were each amazing and strong women and yet so different, but together they were gold.

There will be no service at this time, however we are planning a celebration of life the weekend of July 25th.

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