Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Grossman1958 - 2017Sellwood resident was noted author and journalist

,Portland-based journalist Elizabeth "Lizzie" Grossman, a resident of Sellwood, died at the age of 59 on Friday, July 27, of ovarian cancer. Grossman specialized in environmental and science reporting. She authored books focusing on hidden toxics and their effect on human health and the environment. Her work has appeared in Scientific American, Salon, Newsweek, Mother Jones, The Washington Post, and other publications. She graduated from Yale University.

Grossman traveled to the Arctic with scientists aboard a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, searching for signs of climate change. "Being here in the polar latitudes — in a season where day is no more than five hours of twilight – with the stark contrast between sea ice cover and open water all around me – I'm beginning to truly grasp the physics of climate," Grossman wrote from the Arctic in November 2007.

BEE reader Donna Kane e-mailed us, "Lizzie was a resident of Sellwood from about 1998 until her recent death. She hung out in The Ugly Mug and also could be seen shopping at New Seasons, riding her bicycle, and walking up and down 13th. Today I passed her little house on Lexington Street near Sellwood Park and found a woman clearing out her things. My first thought was that she was moving back to NYC, so it was shocking to hear she had passed." [Portions of this obituary are courtesy of BEE news partner Oregon Public Broadcasting.]

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