Remembering Maxine Edith Smith: born September 8, 1922 - died September 20, 2017

Maxine Edith Smith Maxine Edith Smith died peacefully in her home on September 20th, 2017, at the age of 95. She was born in Brooks, Iowa, on September 8, 1922. She and her husband, Dale Stuva, moved to Portland in 1954. She later became a single parent and moved to the Woodstock neighborhood in 1968. She raised her family in a bright yellow house with a large front porch at 42nd and Mitchell Street. Living in the area for over 40 years, she had many great memories of happy children and wonderful neighbors; she said the area really hadn't changed that much over the years. "Woodstock is still a caring community, with good schools and friendly businesses just like way back when." She observed that The Disco-Mart is now a Safeway store, Country Bill's is gone, and the Busy Corner grocery store is awaiting a comeback. But the houses are still well cared for, and there are lots of families.

Friends comment that Maxine was an open minded, caring, and thoughtful person; a great listener who gave hope to many people during her life. She worked many years with people with disabilities, teaching them a vocation. In her later years, Maxine lived on Steele Street across from Woodstock Park. She loved watching all the happenings there, from kids' ball games to dogs romping in the fall leaves. One friend comments, "It is remarkable and should be noted that Maxine was witty and wise up to the end – a joy to be around."

In late August of this year she developed kidney failure, and lived in her home on hospice until her death. She is survived by her five children – Robert, Duane and Barbara Stuva, Denise Lourwood, and Sue Krueger, all in the Portland area. She was a proud and involved grandma to twelve. Her great-grandchildren brought her great joy, and she even got to meet a great-great grandchild.

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