November 7, 1934 - September 4, 2021 - John Young, born in 1934 the youngest of 9 siblings, and father of three.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - John YoungJohn Young, born in 1934 the youngest of 9 siblings, and father of three. He was preceded in death by, his wife Nanette, and two of his children, Jeff and Gayle. John is survived by his son; granddaughter and grandson; and four great-grandchildren.

John loved his family very much and was loved by all whom knew him. He was lucky enough to have two great loves in his life, his wife of more than 50 years and most recently a great lady named Gerry. He loved to talk to everyone and would help anyone he knew that might be in need. He worked with the Neighborhood of Youth Corp teaching at risk youth job skills by building hiking trails in Forest Park, Portland and helping them learn the three R's. He retired as a Master Water Mechanic after 35 years with the City of Portland. He took joy reading with kids at the local elementary school in Woodburn. He also enjoyed working with semiprecious stones making jewelry and teaching other how.

One of his biggest loves was traveling, crisscrossing the US multiple times in various RVs, visiting all 50 states, Mexico and Canada. Not to mention traveling the world. His travels took him as far to the east as Moscow and Beijing to the west and has hats from everywhere. He will be missed greatly by his family, and all whom knew him. Good-bye dear friend, in loving memory.