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February 23, 1925 - December 21, 2020 - Harold Douglas Wallis was born in Wakeeney, Kansas in 1925.

Harold Douglas Wallis was born in Wakeeney, Kansas in 1925. His entire family moved to Silverton, Oregon when he was 10 years old to make a new life following the dust bowl. He was 95 at the time of his death near West Linn, Oregon. Harold is survived by his daughter Cheryl (Wallis) Borden of West Linn. His 4 brothers, his wife Betty, and son, Gerald, predeceased him.

Harold had an eventful life. Working at various jobs in Silverton in the 1930's and early '40s, he attended high school in Silverton. WWII broke out and he was drafted out of high school and ended up invading via Utah Beach. Harold was the only one of his four brothers to be involved in mortal combat.

Utah Beach is beyond description for any person living today. His job was to destroy German pillboxes protecting the Siegfried line. He knew how to take orders and also had survival smarts. He succeeded but his fox-hole mate stood up in victory and was torn in half by German bullets. Harold never forgot or understood this.

Harold took many prisoners and was struck by how young they were. He ushered them on to interment camps in the United States.

Next was the Battle of the Bulge. Patten took over Hal's division (the 28th) which then went all the way to Aachen which Charlemagne had used as his headquarters. Harold was discharged and returned to Silverton in 1946. His high school principal realized that Harold had seen and learned so much in war that no high school experiences or classes could have given him such an education. So, the principal granted him his high school diploma without further requirements. Harold was very proud of this diploma which we found in his records upon his death.

Following WWII, Harold worked in the automotive parts industry, his longest being Regional Manager for the Sealed Power Corporation in Portland. He supplied parts to corporations all over the world.

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