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July 28, 2022. Eighty-three-year-old Monte William Ausland waited patiently for the day he would meet the Lord

CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Monte William AuslandEighty-three-year-old Monte William Ausland waited patiently for the day he would meet the Lord, and on July 28, 2022, in the blink of an eye, he found himself worshiping at the feet of his heavenly Father.

Sixty-six years ago, he winked at a cute brunette across the hall and won her heart. While Linda will miss her sweetheart after 64 years of marriage, she has fond memories of how handsome her fella looked in his Navy uniform and the grin on his face as he told of his latest fishing escapades or described the next natural landscape he planned to paint.

Monte moved frequently while working as a lineman. His young family valued closeness and traveled with him. Sweet times were spent in their small trailer with few physical possessions. He eventually earned the responsibility of managing a crew. While a caring and fair boss, he was tough on them and had high expectations, just like his dad Warren had been with him.

A priority in Monte's life was to love and care for his family. He was a great provider and protector, Linda would tell him, "Monte, you can fix anything!" He raised his three children Roxanne, Shannon and Travis with intentionality, as he passed on his love of the Lord. Fond family memories include singing hymns around the piano with church friends and sharing Sunday meals that featured Monte's favorite food group, meat. Everyone was invited to enjoy Monte and Linda's hospitality, something they modeled after his mother Wilma's welcoming home.

Monte enjoyed both working hard and playing hard. He is often remembered with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He loved the beauty of God's creation and sitting on the porch during an electrical storm after a day of chopping wood with his children in preparation for winter.

It's said that dogs are a man's best friend, and Monte always had a four-legged critter by his side. Ben, his beloved furry friend and walking partner of many years, was ever so faithful.

Monte's best human buddies were his brothers. His baby brother, Lynn greeted him in Heaven, while Craig, who has always been the prankster and storyteller of the family, will miss 'shooting the breeze' with his big brother.

Monte is also survived by his sons-in law, Don and Gary; and daughter-in-law, Victoria. He and Linda faithfully maintained a habit of praying for their seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren daily. Without a doubt, Linda will carry on this tradition.

In lieu of a funeral, the family will hold a private pancake breakfast to honor Monte's practice of providing flapjacks, camp coffee, and a cozy fire during family hunting trips. We celebrate his life and look forward to giving him huge hugs when we meet again in Heaven!

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