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Pet Tributes

Honoring and celebrating the lives of our faithful friends

Brought to you by the Pamplin Media Group with the support of DoveLewis

Our relationships with companion animals are some of the most important ones in our lives. We build special memories with them, and their loss can be devastating. Grief is a normal, natural response to loss, and we grieve our pets because we love them deeply.
Pamplin Media Group readers can now honor the memories of their furry, scaled, and feathered family members with a Pet Tribute. And thanks to DoveLewis’ Pet Loss Support Program, readers can now place a Pet Tribute at a significantly discounted rate.
To place a Pet Tribute call 503-620-7355 or click this link



Our fur child is growing up. And even though the teen years have been challenging, we know your future is bright. With a smile like this, how could it be anything else.


A very fitting name for a very loyal pup! You can take the day off from being our local paw patrol, letting us know whenever squirrels are passing by our balcony. Enjoy tearing out the squeaker on your new ball and copious amounts of biscuit treats! We love you!

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