Brought to you by Bret Brantner - Mr. Plywood - BUILDING MATERIALS INSIDER - Make sure your deck is ready for this summer with help from Mr. Plywood

MR. PLYWOOD - Bret BrantnerOne of the best parts of summer is getting some quality deck time with your friends and family. But before you can go enjoy your deck, there are a few steps you should take to make sure your deck is ready for this summer.

First, make sure to clear your deck of debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches. Once your deck is clear, go over it with one of the deck-cleaning solutions we carry to remove any stains or mold.

The rough winter could mean that your deck needs anything from bolts and nails to floorboards replaced. Give your deck a thorough inspection, searching for safety hazards such as splintered floorboards and lose or damaged rails and handles. Head into our store for any replacement material you might need and make sure your deck is sound for heavy summer used during the long summer.

Now that your deck is clear and clean, it's time to give it a new seal. The sun is actually harder on your deck than the rains of winter. That's why it's important that you seal your deck sooner rather than later; once the weather gets too hot, the sealer will dry on the surface and not penetrate the wood, leaving little protection behind.

If you're looking to build your first deck or expand your current one, Mr. Plywood can help with that as well. Stop on by, we'll make sure your deck is summer-ready!

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