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PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Stan RobinsonFew parts of your home are as important as your roof. That's why a new roof is no minor investment. Apart from hiring an experienced contractor like Pacific West Roofing who will do the job right the first time, there are several factors that will influence the final cost of your roof replacement.

The most significant factor to your project is going to be the material costs. Each type of material has its own cost per unit, and there isn't a lot of wiggle room here. Asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective option; cedar shakes and shingles can cost two to three times as much, and metal roofs can be even more expensive. Customize the color or texture and you could be looking at another price increase.

PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Brian JarvisThere's also the issue of building size. The bigger the building, the more expensive the installation. Steeper slopes will also slow down workers and could yield higher costs. If you have special features like skylights or bays to work around, a bigger budget is likely require as well.

Finally, there's the question of whether your existing roof needs to be torn off. Some instances allow the new roof to be installed right on top of your old one. While this saves you money, it could reduce the service life of your new roof.

The most important thing to remember is that a new roof is a major investment. Your roofing is key to your home's value, so call Pacific West Roofing today about your new roof and get a FREE estimate.

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