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COTTON CLOUD NATURAL BEDS & FURNITURE - Terri TreatChoosing the right furniture for your small space like a basement, attic, or studio apartment can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. At Cotton Cloud Natural Beds & Furniture, we have a few tricks and tips for helping your small space reach its big potential.

To start, we recommend choosing furniture that is multi-functional. Pieces such as an ottoman that folds out into a twin bed or a futon couch with drawers underneath for extra storage are perfect examples of the versatile furniture you'll want.

There's also the issue of getting something like your mattress into your small space. I remember once having to disassemble my wood boxspring just to get it into my upstairs bedroom. It was never the same afterwards!

Cotton Cloud specializes in platform frames that are easy to take apart and assemble, and the best part is that they use a slat system that DOESN'T require a boxspring. Almost all of our mattresses (yes, even our natural latex mattresses) come folded in half for easy transport, allowing them to fit around tight corners WITHOUT getting damaged!

Other multifunctional items that we carry include a bookshelf that pivots and turns into a long table, as well as modern upholstered couches that easily convert to a chaise lounge or bed with a few simple clicks. And of course, we LOVE surprising our customers with our murphy cabinet bed that turns into a queen sized bed with a power strip and built in nightstands.

For more great furniture for your entire home, visit Cotton Cloud today!

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