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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay NewellAre you ready for summer? Now's the time to light up your yard with strings of light for your first big party! Your new decorations will light up your yard for those times you have family and friends over AND for the times you want to enjoy a quiet night at home.

Fireworks, hotdogs, and Red, White, and Blue lights in the yard are perfect for making your 4th of July an incredible time. Family and friends will want every party to be at your house!

When the seasons change, it will be easy to use the same sockets to change the colors in the string with them. Use Clear for the parties you hold for just the family and Orange and Purple for Halloween. When Thanksgiving rolls around, add Yellow and Green bulbs for more festive fun!

The rules for installing outdoor light include: A safe place to plug in the strings. The outlets used need to be properly installed in outdoor rated electrical boxes. The strings of lights need to be attached along the full length of the wire to a guy wire or along a firm structure.

LED strings can often be strung together for long runs. Small watt Christmas lights and 7C7 or 7C9 strings should not be connected in runs longer than 100 bulbs. Do not wrap the wire around tree branches, they are growing all summer.

Be safe and enjoy your lights!

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