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FINANCIAL INVESTMENT TEAM - Diana HarrisonNow that I am retired, what are the best options for taking money out of my IRA?

After long years of working and saving for retirement, and with retirement on the horizon, we are now faced with the questions and confusion of how IRA money should be taken out, and the impact that it may have on the quality of retirement.

Distribution planning is vital and should start as soon as you stop working or your income decreases from full- to part-time employment.

IRA-to-Roth conversions, charitable giving, social security benefits, spending funds for travel opportunities, home remodeling, and other retirement 'bucket list' items are all events that will have tax effects which can needlessly impact your retirement.

You need to plan for your expenses by being educated, informed and aware. Financial Investment Team wants you to enjoy and prosper in the retirement you deserve and have worked so hard for.

Distribution planning and timing is very important. Converting a fully taxable asset (IRA) into a tax-free asset (ROTH), making charitable contributions from an IRA (after reaching age 59-1/2), along with other strategies can help you preserve your hard-earned dollars, rather than paying them out in taxes.

By planning early and making necessary changes, you can have better control over the taxes you will pay beginning at age 70-1/2 when required minimum distributions become mandatory.

So, you have a decision to make: Your retirement nest egg can be yours or you can be Uncle Sam's new best friend.

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