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PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Stan RobinsonDid you decide that a metal roof is right for you? Metal roofs are one of the most durable roofing options available on the market. If your warranty doesn't cover the work or you just like doing the work yourself, we list three of the more common metal roof problems and how to fix them.

Loose Nails or Screws—If you're examining your roof in wet weather, take extra precautions to keep your footing. Your first check should be for loose nails. If you notice these, pull them all the way out, then replace the nail with a new grommeted nail.

Rust Damage—Rust damage can be removed with a wire brush or steel wool. A metal primer and spray paint can also be used to cover up rust damage, while a silicone coating can help extend the life of your roof.

PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Brian Jarvis Leaks/Blow-Offs—A leaky roof can lead to all sorts of problems. If your flashing is poorly installed, seams and edges can separate and lead to leaks. Use a urethane roofing cement to seal up any holes or openings, and make sure to smooth these areas over to prevent water from pooling up.

A well-maintained metal roof is a great choice for your home. If you're ready to replace your roof, contact Pacific West Roofing today.

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