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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay NewellYesterday I had a gentleman come in and tell me, "I have a library of colored light bulbs and I came in today to see what I need to add to my bulb collection." He then added some rich red bulbs for his enjoyment.

It just goes to show that different lights can create different moods. Many of my customers report how the ambience of lights create a special feel in their homes and yards.

One woman reported that all summer her clear lights strung around the patio created an inviting place to relax with her husband. During the winter, those same lights created outdoor magic during dark, foggy, or snowy days. 

A colored light on your porch can welcome friends or make a statement of support. For many people in our community, a purple bulb is used to ask for peace in the community.

I've had many young men tell me that when they play music under mixed colored bulbs, they are more creative. Pink bulbs make skin look pretty and soften a room. Amber colors create a relaxing feeling, soothing yet rich. I have ladies who want all pink bulbs, others who are just as passionate about amber, and others still who mix them. There are NO right or wrong bulb colors, just the RIGHT bulb for YOU!

Our outdoor/indoor LED bulbs have bright jewel colors, last a long time, and create a party atmosphere with the flip of a switch. Many strings can be strung together, using just one outlet. And they all create the best party, whether it's you and your friends, you and a special someone, or just you!

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