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KUHNHAUSEN'S FURNITURE - Shelley Kuhnhausen HowardYour dining table, much like your living room coffee table, is a central hub for your family's kitchen. It's where you bond, laugh, and build a lifetime together. So where should you start when looking for a new dining room table?

Well, dining tables are all about proportion. Find out how much space you have to work with, and consider how many people your table needs to accommodate to pick the correct table size for you. Once you know the proper size, it's time to determine the shape and style you're looking for. Rectangular tables are the traditional choice, but oval tables give a classic look that gives you extra room to work with, while round tables are great for small spaces and breed a lovely, intimate atmosphere.

But what if your dining table is going in your kitchen? Today's homes are creating open spaces more than ever before, turning your dining table into both a dining area AND a home office. If that's the case for you, consider pub tables or taller tables with bar stools that create a casual vibe, instantly turning your home into a corner café.

Your table should serve your lifestyle—not the other way around! Grab a leaf if you are used to hosting groups of different sizes, and look for multifunctional tables that include storage as well.

A great place to start looking for your next table is at Kuhnhausen's Furniture. We offer many different styles, wood choices, and stain colors from Gat Creek. Be sure to ask us about Gat Creek's Design Your Own Table program!

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