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ELMER'S FLAG & BANNER, KITES TOO! - David AnchelThe American flag is a powerful symbol. In our immensely diverse country, our loyalty to the Stars and Stripes is one of the few things that every single person has in common. For over three thousand miles, from sea to shining sea, people of all colors and creeds pledge allegiance to one American flag.

It makes sense that sales of American flags would be a big business in America. According to Tim Marshall, author of A Flag Worth Dying For, 50 million American flags are sold every year. However, it doesn't make any sense that of that number, a huge proportion of American flags are manufactured overseas! When patriotism surged after 9/11, sales of foreign-made flags were worth about $750,000. In 2001, that number skyrocketed to $51 million. Most of those foreign-made flags come from China.

Several states have enacted laws that state that American flags must be made in the United States. Minnesota bans foreign-made flags, and Tennessee requires that all flags purchased under state contracts must be American-made. In Arizona and Massachusetts, all flags on display in public schools, colleges and universities must be American-made as well.

At Elmer's, every American flag we sell is manufactured in the United States using American made durable materials like polyester, cotton, and nylon. Always have been and always will be. Stop by Elmer's to support American manufacturing and Old Glory today!

Elmer's Flag & Banner, Kites Too!

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