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THE PORTLAND CLINIC - Janson Holm, DPM, FACFASOur feet and ankles are the foundation for most of our activity. Here are five ways you can support them, so you can keep putting your best foot forward.

Stretch regularly.

Tight calf muscles lead to abnormal foot mechanics and are one of the most common triggers for foot and ankle injuries. We frequently see stress fractures and tendinitis in people who haven't adequately stretched those muscles.

Go easy on new activities.

Jumping into a high-impact activity that you've never done before can lead to injuries. No matter how long you've been engaged in your sport, it's always important to warm up by starting at a lower intensity before pushing yourself to your maximum effort.

Choose the right shoes.

Different types of feet and activities require different shoes for optimal performance and protection. Portland has many great shoe stores with highly skilled fit technicians — these are a great place to start.

Pay attention to pain.

If you're having some minor pain, but you can still walk and bear weight on your foot and ankle, then it's probably OK to try "walking it off" to see if it feels better. But if you can't walk on it or if the pain is severe, prolonged or affecting your activities, don't tough it out and risk further injury — have a doctor look at it.

Repeat sprains? Don't roll with it.

If you've had multiple sprains or you seem to roll your ankle all the time, getting a doctor's evaluation sooner rather than later could save your ankle joint.

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