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PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Stan RobinsonOregon may not be the Evergreen State (that's Washington), but few places are greener than the state we call home. And included among all of the beautiful vegetation here is an abundance of trees.

Trees are an excellent addition to any home, adding beauty, shade in the summer, and the perfect place to hang a tire swing for your kids. But trees can potentially cause major damage to your roof if they fall. So how can you prevent this? Well, there are a few different warning signs to look out for:

  • Construction Stress—If you've had any work done on your yard this year, it didn't just stress you out—it may have stressed your tree out too! If you notice wilted leaves, drooping branches, or your tree is flowering out of season or prematurely turning autumn colors, your tree may have had its roots damaged; protect your roots during yardwork by setting up a perimeter around the tree.

  • Leaning—No tree grows perfectly straight, but if you begin to notice cracked soil or exposed roots, you may need to even out your tree's weight distribution to prevent it from falling.
  • U Trunks—Multiple trunks can lead to deep cracks down the middle, particularly during stormy weather. An arborist may be required to help brace the tree.
  • The best defense is a good offense, so make sure to regularly inspect your trees to keep your roof protected. And if you notice that your roof needs a little work, call Pacific West Roofing today.

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