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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay Newell               Halloween and Boo-oo Lights make October 31 fun for all.  Scary costumes of little Trick or Treaters make us smile. Want to know what's REALLY scary though? Electrical shorts. So when it comes to Halloween and other holiday lights, there are a few rules that you should follow to help light your yard SAFELY.

Do not use any cord that is cracked, has loose connections, or is not rated for the total wattage of the bulbs you are using. Do not connect too many lights strings together; each run needs to be plugged into its own outlet. A 100 light bulb strand, two 50 light strands, or three 25 light strands are each counted as one run.

                11 watt S14 and other bulbs of lower wattage can be used outdoors when installed in the proper cords. The higher wattage bulbs should be Par Lamps. The outdoor 50 Par20, 75 watt Par30, and 100 watt Par38 flood light bulbs are available in many colors at Sunlan Lighting.

                Use outdoor rated electrical boxes to plug in your holiday strings. Use huy wire or support each light string on a solid surface so that wind or the weight of the decorations cannot dislodge the bulbs or the cords. Be safe; keep all connections and wire safe from weather, pets, and people contact. And happy hauntings!

Sunlan Lighting

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