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MR. PLYWOOD - Bret BrantnerHave you noticed that change in the air yet? The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting lower, and the leaves are growing darker. You can almost FEEL that fall and winter are coming. And at Mr. Plywood, we're here to help you finish off all of your outdoor projects before it's too late.

Right now we are busy working with our customers on a number of different projects, and we can help you prepare for the coming months too! If you STILL haven't followed our advice to clean and seal your deck, now is definitely the time to get it done. Winter can pose a number of problems to the short and long term health of your deck, so stop by today and let us get your deck all set up for the long months ahead.

Another thing we've talked about that you'll want to finish up now is patching up your fencing. Stop in and speak with one of the friendly members of our team and we'll help you find everything you need to get your new fence completed.

Finally, finish up any nagging repairs to your trim, siding, or roofing while the weather is still warm. And before the weather gets too cold, get your home ready by putting new caulking around your doors and windows and insulate and seal anything that might need it. We have everything you need for these projects and so much more, so head in to Mr. Plywood today!

Mr. Plywood

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