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NIELSEN'S JEWELERS - Jan NielsenDiamonds, just like the people that wear them, are unique. No two diamonds are alike, but there are a few basic shapes that diamonds are cut into. And it turns out that what your favorite diamond shape is says a lot about your personality. So which shape matches your personality?

  • Round—This classic shape screams traditional, and shows your devotion, loyalty, and honesty.
  • Princess—Princess lovers are outgoing, passionate, and are very friendly.
  • Emerald and Asscher—These two cuts are both glamorous and elegant, and for those who live on intuition.
  • Pear—Pear shaped diamonds are for those who stray off the beaten path and are a diamond as unique as you.
  • Cushion—Cushion cuts are rectangles with rounded corners, increasing their brilliance. Cushion lovers are assertive, commanding, and above all romantic.
  • Marquise—Distinct and dramatic, marquise diamonds are for those who know how to make an entrance.
  • Oval—Those that love the oval shape are dependable and brilliant like this cut.
  • Heart—The heart shape is for those that are sentimental, and are perfect for your real life fairy tale.
  • Radiant—Fearless. Energetic. Opulent. The radiant cut is glamorous like you.
  • Hopefully this helps you to narrow down your choices for next piece of diamond jewelry. Head in to Nielsen's Jewelers today (or drop your partner a few hints) and we can help you find the perfect shape for you.

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