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KUHNHAUSEN'S FURNITURE - Shelley Kuhnhausen HowardWhen it comes to working out, people tend to create all sorts of excuses. 'I don't feel like running today' or 'The gym is just so far away' are some common excuses that we ALL make when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. But there's an easy fix to this: have your living room pull double duty as a workout space.

While most people don't have enough space to create an entire at-home gym, with the right touch your living room can become a workout room on the side. Here's what you'll want to create an awesome workout space:

  • A good rug will help save your joints no matter what type of flooring your home or apartment has. Trust us, your joints will thank you for the extra cushioning.
  • Find a few motivational pieces of wall art to help energize and inspire you.
  • An accent box or ottoman with storage is perfect for stylishly holding your workout essentials.
  • An accent chair from Biltwell Seating or Sam Moore will not only add extra seating to your living space, but you can also use it as a prop for split squats, decline pushups, and other exercise variants.
  • Finally, the only thing better than working out is relaxing afterwards. A new Biltwell sofa is the perfect addition to complete your comfy and cozy workout space.
  • To check out all the great furniture options for your workout space, visit us at Kuhnhausen's Furniture today!

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