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JASON STEWART - Financial Investment TeamAnother year another wave of health care changes coupled with rising cost for most. For Oregonians who do not receive health insurance under employer group plans or small employers trying to provide a valuable employee benefit, this time of year isn't just about holiday joy. Sadly, it can be filled with anxiety, and confusion over how your healthcare plan will change next year, and more importantly how much will it cost you and your family.

Keeping up with the ever-changing rules, regulations, and policies out of Washington D.C. and Salem can seem like a full-time job. With taxes, health insurance, and retirement/educational savings inextricably intertwined, it can end up being 3 full time jobs. It is like staying physically FIT, you must do strength training, cardiovascular training, and a proper diet to reach your maximum potential.

That is exactly what Financial Investment Team does! We keep you FINANCIALLY FIT with Licensed Insurance Agents, Investment Advisors and access to tax professionals.

We constantly monitor the Federal, State, and Local information to maximize your financial FITness.

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*Investment advisory services offered through Financial Investment Team, Inc., an investment adviser registered with the state of Oregon.  Securities offered through Peak Brokerage Services, LLC.  Member FINRA/SIPC.  Financial Investment Team, Inc. is a separate and independent entity from Peak Brokerage Services, LLC. California Insurance Licenses OG28007, OE79360*

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