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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay L. NewellA light in your window says "Welcome." A light doesn't judge people based on their religion, or race, or anything else, it simply embraces the values that we share. The windows at Sunlan Lighting will be filled with beautiful displays this holiday season with a unified message that welcomes our differences: "We do not need to believe each other's beliefs, but we owe each other respect."

Our big window at the corner of N Failing Street and Mississippi Avenue celebrates the traditional American family holiday and features Chris Willis' Santa Display.

Window number two honors the traditions of the Children of Abraham with symbols of each religion. May they each learn to live in peace and in brotherhood, with each respecting the traditions of the other.

Our third window respects and honors many of the other religions of the earth, from the Native Americans to the Druids, to the Goddess of the earliest humanoids. This window also shows respect to the many beliefs of Atheists, who worship no God but whose beliefs of respecting mankind and the gifts the earth has given us the gift of honoring our neighbor's choice of worship.

Our final window has been designed to show respect and honor the beliefs of the Far East religions. I requested help from members of the different faiths to select the figures that honor their beliefs, and one, Mr. Patel, said this to me: "Kay, I have many Gods. You have one. We are both trying to do the same thing: Become better people."

Come see the windows for yourself at Sunlan Lighting today!

Sunlan Lighting

3901 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

P: 503.281.0453

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