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FINANCIAL INVESTMENT TEAM - Diana HarrisonThere are many missteps people make as they approach or are in retirement. One is NOT having a 'sell strategy'.

The stock market is higher than it has ever been, and continues to rise almost daily. With that in mind, do you feel the stock market will go up an additional 30% before it drops 30%?

This Bull Market has been in place for over 110 months and the market has increased about 170% since 2008. By comparison, the average crash is much shorter, lasting only 14 months and dropping 27%.

I am not saying the market is going to crash tomorrow, but the best time to buy insurance is before a fire occurs. The same is true with the market. This is the time to review your market risk and strategies for your long and short-term goals.

If you are all in bonds to avoid risk, you have probably had a decrease in your portfolio value. This is because when the stock market is strong, people move funds out of bonds and into stock.

Does this mean you should sell all your bonds and move to stock or sell all the stock and move to bonds? The answer is NO. The solution is a diversified stocks and bond portfolio that is designed to meet your risk level as well as decrease market risk.

At FIT, we use a computer based program that helps define your level of risk and then we build a portfolio which takes your risk into account while helping to maximize gains.

Keep in mind: All markets rise and fall - no one can predict the market.

If you have made this misstep, please call me so we can discuss possible corrections.

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