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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay L. NewellThe buzz these days is all about how YOU can SAVE DOLLARS by using incredibly long-lasting LED lighting. LED bulbs can replace the standard bulb. The light produced can be the color of a standard old fashion bulb in the 2700-3500 Kelvin range, as well as other, whiter Kelvins.

There are a few rules to using LED bulbs. Not all bulbs can be used the same way.

Rule #1- Read the box to discover what is allowed with the bulb you are buying. If you need a Dimmable Bulb the box will tell you if it dims, how bright it shines, and whether you can use the bulb in an enclosed fixture/outside/in a wet location. Each LED bulb has its limits. Read the box.

LED bulbs are also made with different levels of quality. Low cost, low CRI bulbs can light up areas where the color of the light is not important. California has passed a law requiring a CRI of 90+ in new apartments. We have LED bulbs in the soft incandescent color with a CRI of 90, a very good light.

The downside of LED includes a higher up front cost, and they do not fit all fixtures because the bulb size increases as the watts-used increases. The heat generated as the bulb's driver reduces the power from 120 volts to 12 volts can cause the bulb to overheat if there is not enough air flow. The drivers can create interference with some electronics. Some people can see or feel the flicker as the bulb cycles.

To find the light that's right for you, stop by Sunlan Lighting today!

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