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Ever had difficulties with software updates for phones, computers and other devices after you allowed the update to occur? And those updates were intended to be helpful and enhance performance

Printer manufacturers have issued software (firmware) updates in recent years which were specifically intended to be malicious.

Griffin Hampson - Cartridge Network (For Home & Office) - PRINTER, INK and TONER INSIDERHP has done so numerous times. Epson is the most recent bad actor.

Printer firmware / software updates won't make it print faster or enhance performance. Its intended purpose is allow the printer company to get deeper into your computer to see what you are doing and to disable remanufactured cartridge recognition, thus disabling those cartridges, This action is intended to force you to purchase the manufacturer's branded cartridges, thus doubling your cost per page.

Short version - don't do it. Recently Epson did so for the first time. Unlike prior experiences with HP where the industry instantly new what happened and responded immediately, Epson's was sneaky and unknown for a few days. With this Epson firmware update it appears to be limited to the Epson Expression XP530, XP 630, XP640 & XP 830 models; possibly a few others. New chips for the cartridges are being designed and should be available soon.

If you do not accept the update you should be OK. The easiest way to protect your printer is to select "never" in the Epson Driver Update Settings. We will post "How to" on our web page shortly. It will be under Trouble Shooting with the HP Firmware Attack solutions page.

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