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Imagine the warming sunshine on your cheek, breezy fresh air filled with the scent of Spring after a long cold Winter. Your hands hold the spool of a colorful kite flying high, a sense of nostalgia.

Beginning in ancient China, kites have been instrumental in our collective history. People have been harnessing wind power through kites for diverse reasons such as war signals, aerial photography, and of course, recreation. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin famously conducted his experiment to attract lightning through a kite to a key to better understand electricity.

Today kites are mostly used for fun and are a wholesome activity for adults, kids, and even a group of friends. There are a wide variety of designs for specific intents and purposes such as speed, tricks, ease, diving, stunts, or height.

Did you know that the highest documented altitude a kite has been flown is 16,009 feet in 2014 in Australia?

In the Portland-metro area, we have some open spaces perfect for kite flying: Delta Park, Council Crest, and Tom McCall Waterfront Park are each noted for their breezes and stretches of grass. Thousand Acres at the Sandy River Delta, Hood River, and the Oregon coast are excellent choices for a day of kite flying, too.

So get outside and fly a kite!

At Elmer's, we carry dozens of styles of kites in many attractive colors, shapes, and patterns plus all of the accessories you need. From easy-to-fly beginner kites to the most aggressive stunt kite, we'll help you find the perfect fun flyer for you!

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