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Brought to you by Kay L. Newell, 'The Light Bulb Lady' - Sunlan Lighting - LIGHTING INSIDER

BROUGHT TO YOU BY KAY L. NEWELL, 'THE LIGHT BULB LADY' - SUNLAN LIGHTING - LIGHTING INSIDER  - Brought to you by Kay L. Newell, 'The Light Bulb Lady' - Sunlan Lighting - LIGHTING INSIDER Can you speak light bulb talk? Let us enlighten you.

The telephone is a wonderful tool and today's Smart Phones and computers can share a picture. Call Sunlan to identify a light bulb. The correct vocabulary will help. Bulbs can be incandescent, compact fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED). The wattage and voltage may be printed on the bulb, if the bulb is a fluorescent or LED, a K or Kelvin number/color is listed. We need that information.

Tell us the shape; standard, round, tube, bent tip, flood light or other shape. Is the base the same size as a standard bulb, the A19? Larger? Smaller? Two pins? Another base? What are the sizes of the bulbs.

Bulbs are measured by the diameter of the glass. Is the glass clear, white or colored? We may have other questions.

Information on a socket is about the socket, unless there is a statement such as "Use a 40R14 bulb." The 40R14 is the name of the bulb to use in that fixture. Some fixtures will list the bulb to be used. An example is "Use a MR11 Max 20 watts."

When manufactures list the specs for a bulb, they may not be complete. We can often identify the light bulb with the above information. A picture helps. Bringing the bulb in is best.

The advantage of a brick-and-mortar store is that you can come into the store to see the bulbs you want. We have more than 1,000 different bulbs at Sunlan. Come visit soon!

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