-Business Insider- Brought to you by Sara Winter from Nielsens Jewelers-American made

-BUSINESS INSIDER- BROUGHT TO YOU BY SARA WINTER FROM NIELSENS JEWELERS-AMERICAN MADE - -Business Insider- Brought to you by Sara Winter from Nielsens Jewelers-American made Find a jewelry piece made in America and you will find some of the best quality in the industry. At Nielsen's Jewelers, we carry designer pieces made in America.

Chances are you have been in a jewelry store and passed by American-made pieces and settled for a piece a few dollars less maybe because sales staff couldn't explain what quality means in an American-made product.

At one time most jewelry sold in the U.S. was made here. In 1997 manufacturing shifted. Hong Kong was given back to China and turned into a powerhouse of manufacturing. Products from these factories were lower quality and the U.S. factories simply could not compete and many closed. Remaining factories used skill and knowledge to compete with what China didn't have – quality, superior products. Most are still thriving today.

Quality is the craftsmanship of the piece and has nothing to do with how it naturally occurs in earth. An example is a diamond, color and clarity don't describe the quality, but the grade. The quality is the cut and polish of the stone. Here are a few attributes of a U.S. made piece:

-Solid mounting: solid on the undercarriage, not hallow or cut out.

-Metal the stones sit in is completely polished, reflecting back to complement the stone.

-Shiny stones, well cut/polished with brilliance beyond the jewelry store cases.

-Stones are calibrated to match perfectly. Slight variation in size will affect how the ring will wear.

Buying a piece of American made jewelry from Nielsen's Jewelers means you are a buying a quality piece you can be proud to wear.

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