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Did you know that the flag of Oregon is the only state flag to feature a different design on each side? It's true! There are numerous interesting facts surrounding this unique flag that represents our state.

The blue and gold flag of Oregon was created in 1925 by two Meier & Frank employees. The front of the flag features the state seal surrounded by 33 gold stars which represent our admission into the union. An American eagle sits atop the seal while the year 1859 rests below it.

Embedded in the seal are symbols of Oregon: Elk and trees represent Oregon's bounty, covered wagons remind us of the history of settlers crossing the country to claim land and forge a new life. A sheaf, plow, and pickaxe are testimony to those hard-working settlers who mined, farmed, and raised flocks and herds. Behind Mt. Hood is the Pacific Ocean where a British war ship sails into the setting sun and an American steamer cruises toward land - symbolizing the end of British rule in Oregon.

On the back of the flag is the state animal, the beaver. During the Oregon Territory years, beaver pelts helped create a solid economy and a toe-hold for American control.

In 2009, The Oregonian created a contest proposing a new design to the Oregon flag which readers overwhelmingly voted against. Four years later, a proposal to change the flag died on the senate floor.

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