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This article brought to you courtesy of Sara Winter of Nielsen's Jewelers, Portland Tribune Jewelry Insider.

Sara Winter

Want your own slice of rainbow? Then we have an opal for you! Known as gifts from heaven, bringing good luck with powers of prophecy, opals have historically blessed those who wear them. Nordic women even wore them in their hair to protect it from changing color.

Yet opals were considered unlucky. Why?

Medieval Europeans felt that the opal looked like the eye of evil animals. Since the evil eye was said to bring great harm to people and even whole towns, opals were shunned.

During the black plague it was rumored that an opal that glowed with color when worn but when the wearer died all color disappeared from the stone.

In "Anne of Geierstein," a serial by Sir Walter Scott, Anne wore a magical opal that was touched by holy water. She falls ill, and the next morning is gone, with a pile of ash in her place.

Louis XI ordered the hands of the goldsmith to be cut off after the stone was broken while being set.

Later when the amazing beauty of opals began to affect the sales of diamonds, jealous diamond traders began spreading rumors on how unlucky opals were by telling tall tales.

But we'll tell you truth, opals are like no other stone. Opals display so much color with flashes of reds, blues and greens. Like people, no two opals are exactly the same! Whether you are an October baby or not, you can proudly wear a beautiful opal piece from Nielsen's Jewelers.

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