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Why should my tax advisor be the same person as my financial advisor? These two professions are closer than you might imagine. When you think about a tax return and look down the list of data that is required, you quickly see that much of the information comes from your financial advisor.

When you talk with your advisor about planning your future, they are going to need to know how much money you make, do you have a pension, when are you thinking about starting Social Security, do you have children or grandchildren, and are you planning on saving for their education or to help with future expenses. I hope you can see that the information from on professional is the data the other one needs to do a complete job for you. If those two professionals are but one person, all the planning becomes not only easier but timelier as information is always available. When looking at decision points such as; is this a good time to sell stock and remodel a kitchen, it is not just a question of is the market up or down. It is also a question of how this will affect my taxes. Considering that tax on all of the following are affected by your income level: capital gains, Social Security, Medicare costs, your ACA tax credit, and may other items both from the old and new tax code, it becomes almost imperative that you have the same advisor looking at this data. We have married the two by offering tax services through Diana LH Harrison to our investment clients at Financial Investment Team. Is this of interest to you, please call or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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