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This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell, the Lightbulb Lady of Sunlan Lighting, Inc., Portland Tribune Lighting Expert.

Kay Newell

I responded to this question over 25 years ago, and my reply is the same today.

I walk in to my house, turn on all the lights, and still cannot make it bright enough to chase away the winter blues. How come? My answer: The right light to chase the winter blues is one that is very close to the light nature created, or a full spectrum lighting, like sunshine.

Early man lived by light, sun up – go to work, sundown - go to sleep.  Today, we are expected to work before sunrise and after sunset we are home with the family. We go from one dark cave to another. Our lights let us see what we are doing but do not provide SUNLIGHT.

I offer full spectrum bulbs to bring sunshine into the home. Lights that provide 90% of the Color Rendering Index [CRI] of sunshine help with S.A.D. Here at Sunlan, we stock Halogen, Neodymium, and some LED bulbs with a CRI of 90.

In our store on North Mississippi Avenue we have created a display where you can select the lights you prefer by reading under the different types. There are lights that cast the color of morning light, (2700 and 3000 Kelvin), like the Neodymium, which has a reduced yellow spectrum, or a Halogen light that is brighter with a high CRI and the 5000 Kelvin color for you to sample.

Be my Valentine and give me SUNSHINE from Sunlan Lighting, Inc.      


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